Case Study: Enhancing Energy Trading


A large EU energy distributor.


The client faced challenges in maximising trading revenue across a vast portfolio of energy products and millions of customers. They needed a solution that could calculate optimal pricing and allocation while adhering to stringent regulations and considering customer behaviour patterns.

How We Helped

We developed custom trading technology to address these challenges. Our system calculated the optimal pricing for a portfolio of the client’s energy products. It also determined the best allocation strategy for these products to millions of customers, taking customer behaviour into account. The goal was to maximise revenue while ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations. Our highly flexible solution could be adapted to execute any revenue maximisation strategy the client wished to pursue.


When evaluated by the client, our trading solution was found to increase their projected trading revenue by 8%. Our solution was rigorously tested on production data, involving a portfolio of 100 energy products and 1,800,000 customers. Our technology stood out as the only solution that worked effectively in this complex scenario. Taking customer behaviour into account further ensured that the strategies implemented were not only optimal but also customer-centric, leading to sustainable business growth.