Case Study: Optimising Liner Loading


An Asian maritime consultancy.


The client needed to optimise the loading of liners efficiently. Existing open-source solutions were too slow, limiting their ability to determine optimal loading configurations quickly. This inefficiency hindered their operational effectiveness and impacted their ability to provide timely consultancy services.

How We Helped

Leveraging our world-class algorithmic expertise, we developed a bespoke solution that determined the optimal loading of liners 10 to 100 times faster than available open-source alternatives. Our approach involved integrating cutting-edge algorithms that efficiently handled complex loading scenarios, accommodating various constraints and variables unique to the maritime industry. This bespoke solution provided the client with a robust tool capable of quickly generating optimal loading plans, significantly boosting their operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities.


The client saw a remarkable improvement in processing speed, enabling them to determine optimal loading configurations up to 100 times faster. This enhancement led to increased operational efficiency, allowing them to deliver timely and accurate services. The ability to quickly generate optimal loading plans provided a significant competitive edge in the maritime consultancy sector, elevating their service quality, client satisfaction, and client acquisition.