Case Study: Optimising Power Flow


A leading energy producer.


The client faced a critical challenge in minimising the operational costs of their real-life power grid. They needed a solution capable of optimising power flow every five minutes to ensure timely adjustments and actualize savings. The existing market solutions were unable to meet this stringent requirement.

How We Helped

We developed a bespoke backend grid optimisation solution which was piloted in production to address this challenge. Our advanced system was the only solution on the market capable of minimising the operational costs of the power grid within the necessary time frame. We achieved this by computing the best possible configuration in just 60 seconds, well within the required five-minute window for adjustments.


Our technology enabled the client to make real-time, cost-saving adjustments to their power grid operations. By consistently solving the optimisation problem every five minutes and providing the best configuration in 60 seconds, the operational savings were not only theoretical but realised in practice. This capability set our solution apart from others on the market, demonstrating its effectiveness and reliability in a demanding production environment.