Are you up to the challenge?

I’ll be honest with you, this is a very special place to work in many ways. One of them is that we have very high standards for employment. 

If you really know your shit and you think you have something to offer to the business, just drop us an email and let’s have a chat.

The wrong type of person

If you are not confident in your abilities, or if you are looking for a cushy job where you pretend to work from home, do not waste my time.

You should also know that I will ask you for proof of what you claim, and references. If you’re full of hot air, that won’t fly.

I will also hold you accountable and expect you to pull your weight. I will be critical and honest with you about what you’re doing well, and what you’re doing wrong. If you are not comfortable with this, I can’t work with you.

Finally, this is a small business, and our priority is R&D, not money. You will be fairly compensated to the best of our ability and according to the value you add to the business, but I cannot promise you riches, at least not in the short term. We’re doing ok for ourselves, but if money is your primary drive you will not be happy here.

If you have an optimisation background, you will need to work extra hard to convince me that you are not useless, especially if you come from academia. I am extremely unimpressed with your peers.

The right type of person

Working here will challenge you and push your skills to their limit. If you are like us, this is what you live for – any other job is boring.

We value hard work, competence, commitment, work ethic, creativity, independence, and results results results.

You should work here if you relish the challenge of working hard to achieve something difficult. We routinely achieve things no-one else has ever been able to do, and that’s pretty fulfilling.

You should also work here if you cannot stand being surrounded by incompetent entitled idiots, who seem to have saturated the workplace nowadays. You will also be expected to not behave in a way that places you in that group. 

You should also work here if you want your labour to matter. There’s few of us, so I’m not hiring you for jokes. I’m hiring you to make a difference.

Finally, you should work here if you want to be part of something greater than yourself. What we do here, and what we’re working towards, is important. If we manage to make optimisation problems of arbitrary size solve instantly, it will change the world in ways most people can’t imagine. 

If you’re among the few people who can, you just might be made of the right stuff.

Job openings

  • Business developers
  • Solver developers, particularly local NLP
  • Devs with solid understanding of blazing fast low-level calculations (linear algebra, GPUs)
  • Generative AI experts