Joining The Clan

So you n00b, you think you have what it takes to work here? Well, tbh you are most likely wrong. We only have world-class people here so unless you truly believe you are in the top 10 the world in what you do, don’t waste my time.

We’re always on the lookout for the following roles:

  • Business developers
  • Domain experts (consultants, modellers)
  • Solver developers, particularly local NLP
  • Devs with solid understanding of blazing fast low-level calculations (linear algebra, GPUs)

We are upfront, no-bullshit people, and we either get what we want or nothing at all. This includes the type of people we work with. 

Tbh it’s pretty simple – if you really know your shit and you think you have something to offer to the business, just drop us an email and let’s have a chat.

This is a place unlike any other, so here’s some facts to give you an idea about what it’s like here:

Strictly speaking, We don't Need you

We are the best. We don’t need minions to do our work for us. We do it extremely well ourselves and as a result the company will never truly need anyone. This means that I don’t have to pay anyone extortionate amounts of money just because I need them to stay. If you want to join this family, it’s because you want to do interesting stuff, work with peers, and be part of an amazing journey to advance the state of nonlinear technology. This is not a place that will make you rich.

We work Very hard

World-class results don’t just sprout from the ground like mushrooms. We work very hard and long, and because of that we mop the floor with all the n00bz who work 9-5. If you want to work here, so will you.

We won't tell you what to do

Look, this is a very small business and my time is very valuable to babysit entitled idiots. I have calculated that I produce results about 20 times faster than the average smart person, so a day of my time is a month of some n00b’s time. I won’t spend that managing you. In fact, I’m hiring you so that I need to spend even less time on the things you’ll be doing. If you are competent, intelligent, and care about the business, you’ll have the time of your life here, mostly by getting the satisfaction of pwning n00bs with the hardness of vibranium.

Upon arrival we’ll make sure that you are aligned with the needs and goals of the business, and we expect that you will independently use your brain and skills to make sure they are met. We will also expect you to come forward with all sorts of ideas about what to do next, how to advance the state of technology, how to do even cooler shit, and of course how to make more money.

We Always win

This is the kind of place where if we do something we do it better than everyone else or we don’t do it at all. This is very important, because that’s how we get to gloat and write websites like this one. Being satisfied with mediocrity is a disease that will very quickly get you fired. If you’re happy being second best, go work for our competition, they’ll give you better money.

There's no perks and benefits

What is this, kindergarten? You get to do the best job in the world, I’m not going to pamper you like a child. We give you what we legally have to, and that’s about it. Fine, there’s free coffee but tbh it’s quite putrid. As I said, we don’t need you the way Google or Facebook need people. If you’re coming here, it’s because you  love the field, you need to be surrounded by the best people, and you live to be challenged.