The Data

There he is in all his glory.​

The Other Data

Did you know about his brother OrtSol Lore?

The Benchmark Data

Ok, you’ve worked for it, here’s all the third-party benchmarks:

What about real problems?

We get this question a lot, and it’s as stupid as the people asking it.

First off, I’m goated. Do I sound like I can be arsed to write case studies that no-one reads?

Second, case studies are for all the n00bz I’m pwning so hard and who lack bragging rights.

If I am destroying n00bz all over the place on problems they all had access to (oftentimes even submitted to the test sets themselves), since before I even wrote a single line of code, what do you think happens on “real” problems? 

Nuclear damage is what happens. 

Think about that.

Critical damage

Just for jokes, and also to hilariously prove the point above^^, try sorting the MINLPLIB problems by size, and try some of the larger ones with different solvers.

Other solvers’ critical failures might surprise you. In the meantime, here’s our damage:

Problem Type Size Time (seconds) Notes Options to reproduce
junkturn QCQP 200,008x140,000 60 Largest problem in MINLPLIB LOCAL_SEARCH=true, USE_APPROX_EQUALITY_CONSTRAINTS=true
optcdeg2 QCQP 150,002x100,000 14 Second largest problem in MINLPLIB LOCAL_SEARCH=true
watercontamination0303 MBQP 107,222x108,217 7 Third largest problem in MINLPLIB NUM_CORES=8
watercontamination0202 MBQP 106,711x107,209 2.6 Fourth largest problem in MINLPLIB  
dtoc5 QCQP 99,999x49,999 10.5 Fifth largest problem in MINLPLIB LOCAL_SEARCH=true
densitymod MBNLP 23,529x550 5.2 Largest MINLP in MINLPLIB LOCAL_SEARCH=true
transswitch2736spp MINLP 23,410x46,821 88 Second largest MINLP in MINLPLIB. Was open until we solved it. FIRST_FEASIBLE_SOLUTION = true
transswitch2736spr MINLP 23,410x32,845 109 Third largest MINLP in MINLPLIB. Was open until we solved it. FIRST_FEASIBLE_SOLUTION = true
powerflow2736spp NLP 19,916x46,821 22 Largest NLP in MINLPLIB. LOCAL_SEARCH = true