Consulting services

As you probably got if you perused this website, we are no-bullshit people and that is how we work as well.

We can help you if:

  • Your tooling takes a very long time to generate/solve optimisation problems
  • Your tooling is consuming way too much memory
  • You are trying to solve big-ass problems and you’re getting pwned
  • You want to interface various optimisation software and you’re feeling the pain
  • You basically have any tooling/solving/solver related problem
  • You need supercomputing/HPC
  • You need to do calculations over a network
  • Your code/tooling is too slow for the job it needs to do. We have some of the best people in the world when it comes to speed optimisations. If we go to town on your code it will be hundreds of times faster.
  • You want people who will come in and fix your problem quickly and maintainably.

We are not cheap, but we are the best.