About Octeract

Octeract was founded in 2017 by Nikos Kazazakis and Gabriel Lau. We are an R&D company helping businesses make better data-driven decisions. 

Our foundational belief is that R&D must always be informed by real-world applications, therefore it’s important for us to work closely with numerous industries. This relationship allows us to develop new technology that solves challenging problems business face today. Our long-term mission is to advance technology to the point that any optimisation problem can be solved instantly.

This is important for many reasons. People could cure cancer, reverse climate change, optimise our power grids, create AGI, or, more importantly, shake off those last few pounds with a better meal plan.

Our first project was Octeract Engine, an MINLP solver that allowed us to explore the strengths and limitations of conventional technology in real-world settings. It broke a few world records, improved the state of the art by a few hundred times – especially on HPC – and people use it to do things that weren’t possible before, which is pretty cool.

Our current project is Octeract Neural, which we designed to be the next generation of optimisation software. Neural can solve decision-making problems hundreds of times larger than is conventionally possible, at a fraction of the time and compute cost.

Our R&D is mainly funded by working closely with companies who need difficult decision-making problems solved in production. We only work with a few clients at a time, and we employ our extensive array of in-house tools to ensure extremely difficult problems are solved in production, quickly and consistently.