About Octeract

We are a team of mathematicians and decision scientists dedicated to delivering solutions that autonomously transform data into scientifically optimal business decisions. Our passion lies in the profound impact our work has on our clients, enhancing business operations and boosting the bottom line by saving money, time, reducing frustration, and mitigating environmental impact.

Building robust autonomous systems that work in practice is deeply ingrained in our ethos. In fact, in 2023, we achieved a significant milestone by automating our own processes. We developed an AI system that autonomously improves our technology, culminating in a world record-breaking performance by becoming the first team to solve 100% of a previously unsolved benchmark in nonlinear decision-making technology.

Through years of collaboration with clients, we recognise that a business is like a living organism, with unique problems requiring custom solutions beyond conventional consultancy or off-the-shelf software. We work closely with businesses to deliver these bespoke solutions.

Our value proposition is twofold:

First, we offer world-class expertise in translating intricate operations and business challenges into mathematical frameworks.

Second, we develop solutions using our proprietary Decision Engine, a flexible platform meticulously crafted over five years of rigorous R&D. This enables us to create robust, autonomous decision-making solutions that empower businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Senior team

Gabriel Lau, CTO

Gabriel studied physics at Imperial College London where he also earned his PhD in molecular physics in 2015. Following his work in the fintech sector, he co-founded Octeract in 2017.

Leveraging his physics background, Gabriel excels at translating complex business problems into mathematical models and systems integration.

He is also a distinguished expert in algorithmic development, having invented and implemented many of the world-class algorithms that power Octeract technology.

Nikos Kazazakis, CEO

Nikos studied mechanical and aeronautical engineering at the National Technical University of Athens and earned his PhD in global optimisation from Imperial College London in 2016. After developing industrial machine scheduling solutions, he co-founded Octeract in 2017.

Nikos is an expert in designing complex technological architectures, massively parallel computations, optimising tooling stacks and algorithmic implementations,  formulating mathematical problems, and designing autonomous systems.

Our journey

  • November 2017

    Went through the Entrepreneur First program in London and incorporated as an R&D company to help businesses make better decisions

  • Summer 2018

    Raised initial funding

  • Summer 2019

    Released first version of Octeract Engine 

  • Summer 2020

    Closed our seed round

  • 2021

    First clients on board, Octeract technology becomes available on third-party platforms such as AIMMS, AMPL, NEOS

  • January 2023

    We start working on Octeract Neural for autonomous algorithmic development

  • April 2023

    Octeract Engine breaks world records in MINLP performance on independent third-party benchmarks

  • January 2024

    First version of Octeract Neural in closed beta testing. With core improvements now being done autonomously, we expand our offering to consulting and end to end solutions