MINLPwnage Overwhelming

Octeract was founded in 2017 by Nikos Kazazakis and Gabriel Lau. We founded the company because we love building solvers, but mostly because we just really wanted to pwn a bunch of n00bz who walk around like they own the place.

It took the two of us about 3 years to outperform a metric ton of solvers that solve the same problems that we do. Quite embarrassing for everyone else really and tbh it would have been much faster if we hadn’t let a bunch of noobs touch the code.

The gg ripples through space and time – people spent decades of development and unimaginable millions of public and private money to build all the software that two people are now destroying with, honestly, not that much effort. And that’s by homebrewing virtually everything since 99.9% of papers published this century are either wrong or useless.

And this is how it should be. Showing n00bz how it’s done is what this company is all about.

We can’t be beaten because everyone else is in this for the money – we’re in it for the lolz. We know that non-linear technology can be at least a billion times faster, and getting it there is a lot of fun for us. 

That being said, if you like our gear and you want to support what we do, buying our solver wouldn’t be the worst idea. I’d love to hire a couple of homies to go to town on some large-scale NLPs. Just sayin’.

For businesses

Look, everyone is like “my solver is X% faster than everything else, blah blah blah, look at all my data that you don’t understand and can’t reproduce. But trust me it’s really good”. If you’re happy with mediocrity and meh, you should go with that. The way you truly know it’s the best is when people don’t even bother trying to sell it to you, because they don’t need to. The best tech sells itself.

This gear has solved some of the toughest open problems, e.g. the transmission switching ones in MINLPLIB. If this baby can’t solve your problem I’ll be very surprised if something else does. 

Trust me (you see what I did there).

For academics

Don’t forget to link the solver to CPLEX before you use the engine and complain that it’s slow AF. You can get CPLEX for free so no excuses.

And please, stop producing incompetent graduates.

For Prospective employees

We always welcome talented, hard-working people to apply. Tbh this is the most interesting job you’ll ever have, and you’ll get to work with the best technology and the best people. Be warned though: work-life balance is not a phrase in our vocabulary. We work very hard and because of that we know our shit. If you want to work with us, so will you.

For the Idiots

If you tried the engine and you were like “bruv wtf, this solver is slower than CPLEX/GUROBI, you said it was the best”, and when I ask you what you tried to solve the answer was an (MI)LP, this section is here specifically for you. You are almost certainly entitled to a refund to your MSc/PhD, so maybe you should get cracking on that.