Transform your data to actions

End-to-end decision-making solutions combining AI and human expertise

What we do

We combine AI, mathematical modelling, decision-making technologies, and decades of hands-on experience to craft end-to-end solutions that leverage your data to achieve your business goals in a scientific way.

We have helped companies optimise their pricing, execute complex strategies, manage risk, improve operational efficiency, produce optimal machine schedules, and optimise power grids.

World-class results

In 2023 we became the world’s first team to ever solve the entire Mittelmann MINLP benchmark, a result that remains unmatched a year later. We were also the first to solve the largest open transmission switching problems in the public test sets.

Industry-leading technology

We have introduced numerous fundamental technologies to the commercial sphere, such as Octeract Engine, our massively parallel MINLP solver, the Octeract Reformulator compiler, and more recently Octeract Neural, a new way to solve optimisation problems using generative AI.

Every day, thousands of problems are being solved by our Neural service, improving its potency for all users.

Why choose us

Our team is a powerhouse of world-class experts in developing robust decision-making solutions. We have been solving such problems for businesses since 2017.

We excel at getting things to work in practice. If other reputable solutions have already failed to deliver, drop us an email; we’ll make it work.