Applied decision science services by world-class specialists.

World-class consultants

We are a highly experienced team of mathematicians, industry experts, and decision scientists with multiple world records under our belt.

We have a track record of rapidly solving complex problems that no-one else can.

We leverage this expertise to transform your data into optimal business decisions.

Leading technology

We have developed the most advanced decision-making technology in the world.

It comes with all sorts of buzz words: AI algorithmic generation, massively parallel computations, MINLP, deterministic global optimisation, purpose-built Reformulator compiler.

But this is all for us to worry about. What we need you to know is that we use it to craft solutions that operate with minimal to zero human intervention.

Our approach

Discovery and analysis

Our consultants investigate your unique challenges and goals. We open collaboration with your team to distil the necessary data and knowledge pipelines.

Creating mathematical twins

Formulation of precise mathematical models representing your systems and challenges, and application of our data expertise.

Integration and deployment

Seamless integration of autonomous solution into your systems with minimal disruption.

Optimisation and monitoring

Process all possible using human expertise in tandem with the Octeract Neural framework. Validation and feedback to ensure brief is met.

Value proposition

Across hundreds of companies, we have seen that the skillset of a professional decision scientist is exceptionally rare.

This makes really good people incredibly hard to find, even if you know what you’re looking for. Considering a decision scientist almost exclusively works on high impact projects, you really want people who know what they’re doing. You want it done quickly, and you want it done well.

We bring this expertise to you, at a fraction of the time and cost of recruiting and maintaining a full-blown decision team in-house.

We complement your teams’ expertise with our own to address your unique use case. Our drive is your success, so we are there as long as you need us. We set clear goals and deliver results with a measurable impact to your business. 

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