Octeract Engine

Our world record-breaking Decision Engine

An engine for autonomous, data-driven decisions

We have observed across many clients that the most critical business problems are unique. While data is plentiful, the technology to transform it into autonomous decision-making is often lacking, and off-the-shelf technology is often inadequate.

We solve this exact problem: convert your data to scientifically optimal, autonomous decision-making.

Our proprietary Decision Engine is the result of five years of intensive R&D in collaboration with numerous industries, from hospitality to the chemical industry. It enables our decision scientists to craft powerful, bespoke solutions tailored to the most complex and demanding industrial decision challenges.

Multiple world records

Many providers may boast world-class technology, but we actually have evidence to back it up.

In April 2023, Octeract Engine became the first solver to ever solve 100% of the Mittelmann MINLP benchmark, beating numerous performance world records we set in earlier benchmarks. You can read the details of how we got there in our case study.

Problem types

For our inquisitive readers, Octeract Engine can solve any mathematical optimisation problem of the following type to local or global optimality:

\[\min_{x\in X\\y\in Y}f(x,y)\\ \text{s.t.}\\ \tilde{g}(x,y)\leq \tilde{0}\\\tilde{h}(x,y)=\tilde{0}\]

where \(x\in\mathbb{R}^n,y\in\mathbb{Z}^m\). The functions do not need to be continuous nor differentiable.

The Engine delivers lightning-fast performance for highly demanding tasks on any machine, and can seamlessly scale to distributed networks for supercomputing when tackling exceptionally complex problems.