What we use your data for

Our products do not currently collect any information, and neither does our website other than for standard web analytics. The only data we have on you is the one you gave us yourself in conventional ways, or data in the public domain. Please rest assured though that we neither sell nor share your data, personal or otherwise.

Any data you do give us, or that our products may collect from time to time, is only to be used internally for the purpose of providing or improving our services. It is also anonymised wherever possible. As you would appreciate, our system admins may access your data if they need to, otherwise they could not fix any technical issues you may encounter.

How we protect your data

We try our best to keep your data safe and use modern encryption protocols to do so. However, please keep in mind that once a computer is connected to the internet, data can never be 100% safe, no matter what people might tell you. If most corporations can get hacked, so can we. If that ever was to happen, we would notify you as soon as possible and take all necessary steps to fix any vulnerability identified.

Third-party hosts

In order to manage your personal information, some of it might be stored in reputable third-party cloud services that we pay for, such as Google Drive or AWS. We use those because we develop specialised AI products without the intention to re-invent the entire internet. We make no guarantees regarding the data protection and privacy provided by those services, other than those they give us.


We may use cookies for elementary things, such as keeping you logged-in, as the internet generally works this way. You can always disable them in your browser though. Again, we do not use them to track anything about you.

Web plugins

We vet the various WordPress plugins we use for our website and only use reputable ones, but we cannot read every line of code for everything, especially since plugins occasionally have to update themselves automatically or the website breaks. If you ever spot that something is collecting information it is not supposed to, please let us know.

IP and geolocation

We may use your IP address and other similar information for anonymised usage analytics that we use internally, and in order to certify that you are located in a country where it is legal to use our services (please see our End-User Licence Agreement).

Debacles with the authorities

If we ever receive a legitimate request to disclose your data by legal authorities, we will do so.

Policy Updates

We can, and will, update this policy from time to time.